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Controlled Atmosphere Fresh Cold Room

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Controlled atmosphere cold room is an advanced preservation facility for fruits and vegetables at home and abroad. It can not only adjust the temperature and humidity, but also control the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in the warehouse, so that the fruits and vegetables in the storage are in dormant state, and the original quality is still maintained after the storage.

1. Prolonging the storage life of fruits and vegetables is generally 0.5-1 times longer than that of ordinary refrigerated warehouses. The highest profit can be obtained when the fruits and vegetables are stored at the most expensive price.

2. It can keep fruits and vegetables fresh and brittle. The moisture content, vitamin C content, sugar content, acidity, hardness, color and weight of fruits and vegetables can meet the storage requirements. The fruits are crisp and the vegetables are tender and green. They are almost the same as the newly picked ones. They can provide high-quality fruits and vegetables to the market.

3. It can inhibit the occurrence of diseases and insect pests of fruits and vegetables, and minimize the weight loss and pest loss of fruits and vegetables.

4. The shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be extended to 21-28 days, while the shelf life of fruits and vegetables in ordinary cold storage can only last for about 7 days, which will deteriorate. The so-called modified atmosphere preservation is to achieve the effect of preservation through gas regulation. Gas regulation is to reduce the oxygen concentration in the air from 21% to 3% ~ 5%, that is, the fresh-keeping storehouse is based on the high-temperature cold storage, plus a set of air-conditioning system, using the joint action of temperature and oxygen content control to achieve the inhibition of Postharvest respiration of fruits and vegetables.

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