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What are the technical requirements for the installation of condensing unit in cold room?

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    Before installation, we should know how to choose condensing unit in cold room.

The selection of condensing unit in cold room is divided into two aspects:

    The first is the selection of compressor, according to the evaporation temperature of the cold room and the effective working volume of the cold room to determine, in addition to reference stored goods of condensation temperature, storage volume, goods in and out of the storage frequency and other parameters.

    The second aspect is the brand choice of condensing unit, mainly according to the user's preference for various brands, maintenance convenience and project investment budget of cold room.

The installation requirements of condensing units are mainly as follows:

     1.The semi-closed or fully closed compressors commonly used in small and medium-sized cold room should be installed with oil separators, and fill an appropriate amount of frozen oil in it. When the evaporation temperature is lower than -15℃, a gas-liquid separator should be installed;

     2.The base of the condensing unit should be installed damping rubber seat.

     3.The installation of the condensing unit should have maintenance space, easy to observe the adjustment of instruments and valves.

     4.The high pressure meter should be installed in the liquid storage tank valve tee.

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