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What should be paid attention to when using static evaporator in cold room?

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1.What is the proper layout of the static evaporator of the freezer cold room?

    There are two types of static evaporator, for top and wall of cold room. The heat transfer coefficient of the top static evaporator is high, which can make the temperature in the cold room more uniform.

In order to simplify the system, only the top static evaporator can be installed for small and medium-sized cold room with short storage life. However, it is inconvenient to install the top static evaporator, and when the frosting on it melts, the defrosting water may fall on the goods, so it is necessary to carry out manual frosting.

    The wall static evaporator is easy to install, and when arranged along the wall, it is very effective to absorb the heat passing through the wall, and can prevent large fluctuations of indoor temperature.

2.What is the theory for shelving static evaporator arrangement in freezer cold room?

    The shelf-type static evaporator is in direct contact with food, so the heat transfer effect is better. The refrigerant evaporates directly in the static evaporator, and the food in trays or boxes placed on the shelf-type static evaporator is directly frozen by the refrigerant. Indoor air can be naturally convection, also can be installed axial flow fan, so that the air can be forced flow.

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