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  • How to choose suitable kitchen cold storage?
    Food safety is very important, it is particularly necessary to create good kitchen cold storage.Kitchen cold storage needs to meet the double temperature function of fresh cold storage and frozen cold storage, as well as the health function is essential, in the cold storage material selection needs   Read More>
  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(5/5)
    It should use temperature and humidity collection and monitoring management system for medical cold storage, which can accurately record and display the temperature and humidity in the cold storage, and it also need to have the automatic alarm function of mobile phones, so as to find and deal with f   Read More>
  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(4/5)
    The electrical control box of the medical cold storage adopts dual power supply, namely conventional power supply and standby power supply, to ensure that the medical cold storage is in a good power supply state.   Read More>
  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(3/5)
    For refrigeration equipment, we usually use fully closed piston compressor for medical cold storage, it will have high efficiency, small vibration, low noise, and it is necessary to use two sets of refrigeration equipment, one standby one use, we can exchange it easily by control box.   Read More>
  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(2/5)
    The storage capacity of medical cold storage is generally more than 20m³, and the height is generally 2.5~3m. The sandwich panel is made of high density polyurethane,which is safe, environmentally friendly and corrosion resistant, and the panels are connected by cam locks.   Read More>
  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(1/5)
    With the popularization of COVID-19 vaccine, people have known more about the medical cold storage. Different types of medical cold storage have different function, so how to choose the suitable medical cold storage?There will be different temperature standards according to the stored goods, which a   Read More>
  • What is a cold storage?
    As usual, there are three types of cold storages: cooler room(walk-in cooler), freezer room(walk-in freezer), and quick freezer, and cold storages for different usages can be designed and customized, such as for medicines, blood, vaccines, and so on. Also, we can provide mobile cold storages. A cold   Read More>

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