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How to choose suitable kitchen cold storage?

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Food safety is very important, it is particularly necessary to create good kitchen cold storage.

Kitchen cold storage needs to meet the double temperature function of fresh cold storage and frozen cold storage, as well as the health function is essential, in the cold storage material selection needs to use food grade 304 stainless steel, cold storage design to use smooth corner design, can prevent dirt accumulation, is not conducive to the breeding of bacteria, but also easy to clean.

Kitchen cold storage needs to meet the function of energy saving and high efficiency, and it is recommended to use well-known brand of compressors to ensure the high efficiency cooling capacity, and ensure the demand for cooling capacity and quality.

The outside of the kitchen cold storage is in the kitchen lampblack, and the ground needs to be cleaned frequently. Partition protection measures should be taken between the external storage body and the ground to avoid frequent washing of the ground affecting the service life of the cold storage.

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