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  • Cold room hinge door
    Cold room hinge door
    Cold Room Hinged Door designed and manufactured by Changxue is widely used for cold rooms or freezer rooms, clean room, green house, planting room or refrigeration truck.All cold rooms are equipped with safe escape device.   Read More>
  • How does air get into the cooling system?
    The residual air in the refrigeration system can cause a lot of harm, so how does the air get into the refrigeration system? The main approaches are as follows: 1. Before charging the refrigerant, the vacuuming operation is not thoroughly carried out, so that the air remains in the system.2. When th   Read More>
  • How to judge whether the working state of the condenser is normal?
    We can judge whether the condenser works normally by checking the temperature difference between the condenser and the cooling medium.For water-cooled condenser, the condensation temperature is about 4~6℃ higher than the outlet temperature of cooling water;For evaporative condenser, the condensation   Read More>
  • What is the relationship between temperature in cold room and evaporation temperature?
    The temperature controller shows the cold room temperature, and the low pressure gauge corresponds to the evaporation temperatureFor the cold room with static evaporator, the air in the cold room is in a state of natural convection, and the evaporation temperature is required to be 10~15℃ lower than   Read More>
  • What are the factors that affect the refrigeration effect of cold room?
    Sometimes customers will say, their cold room operated for a while and the cooling effect is not good, the temperature can not come down and so on, all kinds of circumstances, affect the effect of cold room refrigeration factors have aspects. 1. From the perspective of condenser:If it is an air-cool   Read More>
  • How to carry on the storage management of cold room for fruit and vegetable?
    1. Control the temperature of cold room according to the conditions of fruits and vegetablesBecause different kinds of fruit and vegetable bear the ability of low temperature is different, inappropriate temperature can affect their normal physiological function, cause the change of taste and quality   Read More>
  • What preparations should we make before storing vegetables and fruits into cold room?
    1. Check the refrigeration system, air conditioning system, humidification system, etc.We should find fault maintenance in time, and a few days before fruit and vegetable warehousing, open the refrigeration system to cool the cold room gradient, to meet the storage requirements of temperature.2. Dis   Read More>
  • What are the temperature requirements for frozen goods in cold room?
    Name of goodsTemperature of cold roomShelf lifeFrozen pork-18℃12 monthsFrozen beef-18℃11 monthsFrozen chicken-18℃8 monthsFrozen fish-18℃9 monthsFresh egg-1.5~-2.5℃6~8 months   Read More>
  • What are the daily management requirements of cold room?
    1. The cold room is built of heat insulation material, is afraid of water, afraid of tide, afraid of heat, afraid of running cold and other characteristics, so the wall, the ground, the door, the top of the cold room shall not have ice, frost, water, have to be removed in time. 2. The exhaust pipe a   Read More>
  • What should be paid attention to during cold room operation?
    During the operation of cold room, some problems need to be paid attention to:1. To prevent frostbiteWhen entering the cold room, the operation personnel must take heat preservation measures to minimize the exposed parts of the body. The exposed parts must not be in direct contact with goods, pipes,   Read More>
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