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What are the factors that affect the refrigeration effect of cold room?

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Sometimes customers will say, their cold room operated for a while and the cooling effect is not good, the temperature can not come down and so on, all kinds of circumstances, affect the effect of cold room refrigeration factors have aspects.


1. From the perspective of condenser:

If it is an air-cooled condenser, there is too much dirt in the fin gap or the condenser surface is not clean; Or for water-cooled condenser, the heat transfer effect is affected by scale and other reasons caused by long-term use, resulting in slow cooling speed.


2. From the perspective of evaporator:

If the heat dissipation of the condenser is not good, the refrigerant can not be completely liquefied. The gaseous amount of the refrigerant is greater than the liquid amount, which will cause insufficient liquid supply to the evaporator and make the refrigeration effect worse.


For the exhaust pipe library, if the frost layer on the surface of the exhaust pipe is too thick, it will affect the heat exchange of the exhaust pipe and the circulation of hot and cold air in the library, so that the evaporation pressure is reduced, the cooling capacity is reduced, and the cooling is slow or even not cooled.

In addition, if the evaporator contains excessive freezing oil, it will also make the evaporation area smaller, unable to achieve the refrigeration effect.

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