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What preparation should do before storing vegetables and fruits into cold storage?

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    1. Check the refrigeration system, air conditioning system, humidification system, etc., find faults and repair them in time, and open the refrigeration system to carry out gradient cooling in the cold storage a few days before the storage of fruits and vegetables, so as to reach the temperature required for storage.

    2. Cold storage disinfection and sterilization, cold storage health is a very important factor affecting the quality of fruit and vegetable storage, so the need for disinfection and sterilization to avoid causing fruit and vegetable decay.

    3. Fruit and vegetable harvest: grasp the maturity of fruits and vegetables and the determination of the best harvest period, is crucial to the storage of fruits and vegetables. Early harvest results in substandard size and weight, poor taste, quality and color; When harvested late, fruits and vegetables are ripe for storage and transportation. The determination of the best harvest time of fruits and vegetables should take into account the use of fruits and vegetables after harvest, their own characteristics, the length of storage time and storage methods.

    4. Pre-cooling and finishing:

The purchased fruits and vegetables should be pre-cooled in time, which can rapidly cool them to an appropriate temperature, effectively inhibit the growth of corrupt microorganisms, inhibit enzyme activity and respiratory intensity, and reduce the water loss and ethylene release of fruits and vegetables. Pre-cooling can be used in a special pre-cooling workshop or cold storage.

At the same time of pre-cooling, remove irregular, disabled fruits and vegetables, and classified packaging. If a precooling room is not available, do it in the shade.

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