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What are the daily management requirements of cold storage?

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What are the daily management requirements of cold storage?

1. The cold storage is built of heat insulation material, is afraid of water, afraid of tide, afraid of heat, afraid of running cold and other characteristics, so the wall, the ground, the door, the top of the cold storage shall not have ice, frost, water, have to be removed in time.

2. The exhaust pipe and cold air machine in the warehouse should be swept and defrosted in time to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration. There shall be no water in the water tray and storage of the air cooler.

3. To strictly manage the switch of the cold storage door, goods in and out of the storage, to close the door behind, such as damage to the door to timely maintenance, the door to open flexible, close tightly, to prevent cold. Air curtain machine can be set outside the library to reduce the convection of cold and hot air inside and outside the library.

4. When empty storehouse, quick-freeze storehouse and freezer storehouse should be kept below -5℃ to prevent freeze-thaw cycle. Cold storage should be kept below 0℃ to avoid moisture from dripping water in the storage.

5. Do not do the ground insulation cold storage, the storage temperature shall not be less than 0℃, so as not to freeze the ground.

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