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  • Common Refrigeration Systems and Detailed Descriptions (1)

    Vapor Compression Refrigeration System:It is the most widely used refrigeration cycle to use the latent heat produced by the phase change of working medium to realize refrigeration through the closed cycle of compression, condensation, throttling and evaporation. Compressor: absorb the refrigerant v   Read More>

  • Storage Requirements and Time of Meat Products in Cold Room

    Meat products are mainly divided into beef, mutton, poultry and so on. When the temperature of meat cold room is -18 ℃, the freshness of meat can be guaranteed. At the same time, it can prevent fat oxidation and bacterial reproduction at this temperature. They need to be stored under the correspondi   Read More>

  • Why The Temperature of Cold Room Does Not Drop or Drops Slowly

    1. The frost on the surface of the evaporator is too thick or too much dust. Because of the decrease of the heat exchange effect, the temperature of the room decreases slowly.2. Due to the poor heat insulation or sealing performance of cold room, the cooling capacity loss is large. The thickness of   Read More>

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Cooler for Cold Room

    The air cooler is a kind of evaporators used in refrigeration equipment of cold room. Its principle is that the liquid refrigerant with low temperature and low pressure vaporizes on one side of the evaporator heat transfer wall to absorb heat, so that the medium on the other side of the heat transfe   Read More>

  • Important Points for Attention in Cold Room Design

    Important Points for Attention in Cold Room Design1. Cold room design needs to reserve space for expansionThe scale and layout of cold room should be determined reasonably. Especially when cold room is built for the first time near the wharf and water and land transportation hub, there should be ro   Read More>

  • How to Maintain Refrigeration Equipment in Cold Room?

    How to prolong the service life of refrigeration equipment after cold room installation? Today, Linble would like to share some notes on the maintenance of cold room.1. In the initial operation of the refrigeration unit, the lubricating oil condition of the compressor should be often observed. If th   Read More>

  • Advantages of Aluminum Tubes for Cold Storage Room Construction

    In order to solve the problem of food preservation and quality assurance, cold storage is a very good way. Because of its advantages and low cost, more and more people want to build the cold storage witch use aluminum tubes. Today, Linble Cold Chain will share the construction advantages of aluminum   Read More>

  • How much does the cost of 50 square meters fruit preservation storage cost?

    Fruit storage is a kind of common cold storage. It can not only prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits, but also keep the nutritional value, color and taste of fruits. Therefore, fruit growers and large fruit dealers in many places store fruits by building fresh-keeping warehouses, and then sell   Read More>

  • Explosion-proof cold storage

    Explosion-proof cold storage   Read More>

  • How to defrost in cold storage

    Evaporator frosting will increase thermal resistance and decrease heat transfer coefficient. It will affect the normal use of cold storage. So we should pay attention to the maintenance of the evaporator in the cold storage. How to defrost in time? 1. Manual defrostingAdvantage: simple and easy oper   Read More>

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