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What should be paid attention to when using air cooler in cold room?

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1.How should we choose suitable air cooler?

    Many users do not know how to choose the air cooler. The current market is full of many matching methods only based on the model. But the model cannot totally represent the cooling capacity of the air cooler, the fact of layout and design of different parts in the air cooler will influence refrigerating capacity.

2.Where should we install the air cooler in cold room?

    The installation position of the air cooler is exquisite, and the wrong location choice not only reduces the refrigeration effect, but even aggravates the damage of the equipment. Our engineer will design the drawing according to your use professionally.

3.What should be paid attention to when using air cooler in freezer cold room for meat?

    Now, more and more small and medium-sized cold room will use air cooler, because it is easy to install, and simple in operation and management, can achieve automatic control of cold room.

The problem to pay attention to is how to prevent frozen food from producing too much dry consumption. Some protective measures can be taken, such as packaging food with cling film, ice coating, etc., to reduce the dry consumption of food.

4.What are the requirements for air distribution in the cold room with air cooler?

    In the cold room with air cooler, the requirements of air distribution are: the low temperature air sent by the air cooler should form attached jet along the flat top and outer wall of the cold room, so that the goods are in the backflow area of circulating cold air, which is also conducive to reducing the dry consumption of food.

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