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What are the installation requirements for refrigeration pipe of cold room?

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  • 1.The selection of copper pipe diameter should be strictly in accordance with the compressor suction and exhaust valve interface selection of pipe diameter.

  • 2.The suction surface of the condenser should keep a distance of more than 400mm from the wall, and the outlet should keep a distance of more than 3m from the obstacle.

  • 3.The inlet and outlet pipe diameters of the liquid storage tank shall be in accordance with the exhaust and liquid outlet pipe diameters indicated in the unit manual.

  • 4.The suction pipe of the compressor and the return pipe of the air cooler shall not be smaller than the size indicated in the manual to reduce the internal resistance of the evaporation pipe.

  • 5.The exhaust pipe and return pipe should have a certain slope.

  • 6.U-shaped bend should be installed at the outlet of the return pipe of the air cooler.

  • 7. The expansion valve should be installed as close to the air cooler as possible. Solenoid valve should be installed horizontal, vertical valve body and pay attention to the direction of the liquid.

  • 8.If necessary, install a filter on the return pipe of the compressor to prevent the dirt in the system from entering the compressor and remove the moisture in the system.

  • 9.The refrigeration system all sodium and lock before fastening, to smear frozen oil lubrication, enhance sealing, after fastening wipe clean.

  • 10.The temperature sensing package of the expansion valve is fastened at 100~200mm of the evaporator air return port with a metal card, and fastened with double layers of insulation.

  • 11.The refrigeration pipeline welding should be left with sewage outlet, the whole system blowing until no dirt is qualified.

  • 12.After the whole system is welded, air tightness test should be carried out, leak detection can be carried out with soap and water, and the welding joints, flanges and valves should be carefully checked. After leak detection, pressure should be maintained for 24 hours to keep the pressure unchanged.

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