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Which should we choose as evaporator of cold room? Air cooler or static evaporator?

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1.Do cold room for fruit and vegetable use air cooler or static evaporator?

    Fresh cold room generally uses air cooler, because the turnover of fresh food is fast, in and out frequently. The cooling speed of the air cooler will be faster, which helps to promote the air circulation in the cold room and reduce the deterioration and damage of the fresh food.

2.Which will be more power-saving, air cooler or static evaporator?

    Many users will have a misunderstanding, think that cold room for frozen goods to choose static evaporator will save power. In fact, it is not accurate enough. The premise of saving power is good evaporation effect, low energy consumption of compressor, and good durability of equipment.

3.Will it cost more power to use air cooler in the freezer cold room?

    If you want to have good freezing result, evaporation is very important.

    Many users feel that the air cooler is faster in cooling but will cost more power. In fact, there is a misunderstanding. What will cause more power of cold room running? There will be many reasons, such as air cooler configuration is small, the model is not right, defrosting time is not adjusted, the installation position is not accurate, the valve configuration is not reasonable, etc., these are the causes of cold room power consumption.

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