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How to carry on the storage management of cold room for fruit and vegetable?

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1. Control the temperature of cold room according to the conditions of fruits and vegetables

Because different kinds of fruit and vegetable bear the ability of low temperature is different, inappropriate temperature can affect their normal physiological function, cause the change of taste and quality or the generation of disease, go against storage.

Take fruit for example, generally produced in the south or summer ripe fruit, the appropriate storage temperature is higher, such as pineapple suitable storage at +5℃ or so, citrus should be stored at 3~6℃, banana if stored below +15℃ for too long will not ripen. Fruits such as apples and pears, which grow in the north and ripen in autumn and winter, can generally be stored at around 0 ° C. Most root and leaf vegetables can be stored at temperatures near freezing, which is 0℃.

Therefore, different storage temperatures should be controlled according to different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

2. Pick and organize fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and nutrients, which is a good environment for microbial life. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the bruising insects, otherwise the fruits and vegetables contaminated by microorganisms will soon all rot and deteriorate.

Different maturity of fruits and vegetables should not be mixed together storage, more mature fruits and vegetables, after a period of time storage will be overripe, and begin to rot, for the selection of good quality, long-term storage should be one by one wrapped in paper packing, and more mature storage separately.

3. Further cooling after storage

After fruits and vegetables are harvested in the producing area, the conditions permit that the internal heat can be released in the country of origin in time by pre-cooling. At this time, if stored by refrigerated truck and transferred to cold room, it can be directly stored in the storage. If there is no pre-cooling, direct origin transport into the cold room, it needs to be further cooling, to prevent the occurrence of some physiological diseases. For example, keeping apples cooled to 0℃ after storage can reduce the development of spots and tiger skin disease.

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