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How to deal with the “cold bridge” of cold room?

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The way to deal with “cold bridge” in cold room is: because the outer surface of the cold room panel is metal, the thermal conductivity is good, so in the construction, the metal between the different temperature of the cold room or  the storage outside cold room shall not be directly connected. The heat insulation of PU panel across different storehouses through metal, using cutting tools, can well solve the problem of heat conduction through metal between different storehouse temperatures.

The “cold bridge” treatment of the corner of the cold room, the roof lifting point, the inner partition wall and the outer wall board adopt polyurethane foam, mainly considering the installation accuracy and feasibility of construction, after the installation positioning of the external wall, the installation of the inner partition wall and the wall is difficult to achieve close connection.

       In addition, in the operation of the cold room, if it is found that there is condensation and frost at the fixed place of the PU panel, polyurethane foaming treatment can be carried out externally.

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