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  • How much does the cost of 50 square meters fruit preservation storage cost?

    Fruit storage is a kind of common cold storage. It can not only prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits, but also keep the nutritional value, color and taste of fruits. Therefore, fruit growers and large fruit dealers in many places store fruits by building fresh-keeping warehouses, and then sell   Read More>

  • Explosion-proof cold storage

    Explosion-proof cold storage   Read More>

  • How to defrost in cold storage

    Evaporator frosting will increase thermal resistance and decrease heat transfer coefficient. It will affect the normal use of cold storage. So we should pay attention to the maintenance of the evaporator in the cold storage. How to defrost in time? 1. Manual defrostingAdvantage: simple and easy oper   Read More>

  • How to choose cold room condensing unit ?

    How to choose cold storage condensing unit ?   Read More>

  • Flower cold room
    Flower cold room

    Flower cold room   Read More>

  • Noise Generation and Treatment of Air Cooled Refrigerating Unit

    During the operation of refrigeration unit, it is easy to produce noise due to improper operation and installation. Generally speaking, the reasons for the noise of the fan of the water chiller are as follows:The blade of the fan of the refrigeration unit will rub with the air when it rotates. The f   Read More>

  • Problems Easily Neglected in The Process of Cold Room Installation

    In order to keep a certain low temperature in the cold room, the following points should be paid attention to when installing the cold room.1. The floor, wall and flat roof of cold room need a certain thickness of thermal insulation material to reduce the heat introduced from outside. In order to re   Read More>

  • Factors Affecting the Price of Cold Room

    Cold room can be widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, hotel, catering, electronics and other industries. With the increasing demand for cold room, many people do not know much about the cold room. Some customers often only care about the price. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Many factor   Read More>

  • Three Common Faults in Cold Room Operation

    In the use of cold room, we need to pay attention to the operation specification and regular maintenance. When there are some small problems in the cold room, we should quickly find out the fault, analyze the causes, and make countermeasures. In this way, it can not only prevent more serious failure   Read More>

  • What are the characteristics of blast freezer cold storage?

    It is reported that the temperature of blast freezer is generally - 15 ℃ ~ - 35 ℃. The blast freezer can effectively inhibit respiration, reduce the consumption of organic substances, and maintain the excellent flavor and aroma of fruits and vegetables. Secondly, the blast freezer can restrain the e   Read More>

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