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How to Maintain Refrigeration Equipment in Cold Room?

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How to prolong the service life of refrigeration equipment after cold room installation? Today, Linble would like to share some notes on the maintenance of cold room.


1. In the initial operation of the refrigeration unit, the lubricating oil condition of the compressor should be often observed. If the lubricating oil is not clean or insufficient, it should be replaced or added in time to avoid compressor damage due to the problem of lubricating oil.

2. The condenser of air-cooled refrigeration compressor unit should be cleaned regularly to keep good ventilation and heat exchange.

3. The water cooling refrigeration compressor unit should often check the turbidity of the cooling water. If the cooling water is too dirty, it should be replaced. It is necessary to check whether the water supply system has problems; whether the water pump works normally; whether the valve switch is effective; whether the cooling tower fan is in forward rotation.

4. The evaporatived air cooler should be checked frequently for defrosting. Poor defrosting will lead to slow cooling and system liquid return.

5. Pay attention to the running state of the exhaust compressor and check it regularly. During seasonal operation, special attention should be paid to timely adjust the liquid supply of the system.


6. Listen carefully to the operation sound of compressor, cooling tower, water pump and condenser fan, and handle the abnormal noise in time. At the same time, check the vibration of compressor, exhaust pipe and anchor.

7. Maintenance of compressor: at the initial stage, the internal cleanliness of the compressor system is poor. After 30 days of operation, the refrigeration oil and drying filter should be replaced, and then they should be replaced again after half a year of operation (depending on the actual situation). For the system with high cleanliness, the refrigeration oil and drying filter should be replaced after half a year operation, depending on the situation in the future.

The above is the precautions of cold room maintenance, I hope it can help you.

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