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How much does the cost of 50 square meters fruit preservation storage cost?

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Fruit storage is a kind of common cold storage. It can not only prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits, but also keep the nutritional value, color and taste of fruits. Therefore, fruit growers and large fruit dealers in many places store fruits by building fresh-keeping warehouses, and then sell fruits out of season, so as to improve the economic value of fruits, so as to meet the consumption demands of different consumers in different seasons and make more profits. So, how much does it cost to build a 50 square meter fruit storehouse? In fact, the cost of cold storage is calculated according to the size, area, temperature and the requirements for the parts of the unit. Only after understanding all the above conditions and carrying out systematic planning and design can we give the customers a final quotation.


The factors influencing the cost of 50 square meters fruit preservation storage are as follows:

1. Cold storage specification: the specification of cold storage (length, width and height) is also a very important factor affecting the price of cold storage. For example, for the same cold storage of fruits and vegetables, the cost of 50 square meters and 50 cubic meters is definitely different.

2. Cold storage temperature: the different temperature of cold storage, the cost is different naturally. Generally speaking, under the same other conditions, the lower the cold storage temperature is, the higher the manufacturing price is. On the contrary, the higher the cold storage temperature is, the lower the cost is. There are also different products stored in the cold storage, and the temperature requirements are also different. For example, the best storage temperature of grapes and apples in the cold storage is 0 ℃ to 2 ℃, the best storage temperature of litchi, mango and other fruits is about 10 ℃, and the suitable storage temperature of banana and lemon is 13 ~ 15 ℃.

3. Cold storage compressor: cold storage compressor is the most important factor affecting the price of cold storage. In general, small cold storage uses fully enclosed compressor, medium-sized cold storage generally selects semi closed compressor, and large-scale cold storage selects semi closed compressor or screw compressor. Compressor unit selection is different, the cost is not the same.

4. Cold storage partition: the more cold storage rooms are, the greater the investment cost of cold storage is. The more cold storage rooms with the same volume are, the more refrigeration units are equipped. Therefore, the cold storage partition also directly affects the overall cost of the cold storage.

5. Selection of PU panel: polyurethane cold storage panel is divided into high, medium and low materials, and also divided into manual panel and machine-made panel, so the quality and thickness of the panel will affect the price of cold storage.

6. Design scheme: layout planning, equipment selection, refrigerant selection, cold storage board selection and many other details will affect the cold storage scheme design. A good cold storage design scheme not only directly affects the current cost, but also affects the later use cost of cold storage. Linble one-stop cold chain provides you with professional and reliable cold storage construction and installation services.

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