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Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Cooler for Cold Room

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The air cooler is a kind of evaporators used in refrigeration equipment of cold room. Its principle is that the liquid refrigerant with low temperature and low pressure vaporizes on one side of the evaporator heat transfer wall to absorb heat, so that the medium on the other side of the heat transfer wall is cooled. The medium to be cooled is usually water or air.

Generally, the air cooler is mostly used in medicine and tea cold room. When storing fruits, vegetables and other products, 

air coolers will cause serious loss of moisture in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, fruits and vegetables will shrivel and shrink, and their quality will be greatly reduced, resulting in their value greatly reduced.


Advantages of air cooler:

1. The air cooler mainly relies on convection heat transfer, which is simple in construction, compact in structure and small in cold room space. The use space of cold storage is less affected.

2. There is no requirement for the top load of cold room, which is common in small cold room.

3. High heat exchange efficiency: less materials and lower cost. Because the air is forced to circulate by the fan, the cooling rate of the cold room is faster.

4. Defrosting is convenient and easy to control. It can realize automatic control, convenient operation and easy management.

5. The air cooler generally adopts copper tube and aluminum fin, which has high pressure bearing, strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to leak.

Disadvantages of air cooler:

1. Due to the forced circulation of the fan, the air flow in the cold room is fast. The food is easy to air dry, and the dry consumption of goods in the cold room is large.

2. The cooling fan consumes electric energy. The evaporator also needs frequent defrosting. Most small and medium-sized cold rooms use electric heating wire to heat frost. This periodic defrosting operation not only causes energy waste, but also causes the temperature inside the cold room to rise.


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