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Advantages of Aluminum Tubes for Cold Storage Room Construction

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In order to solve the problem of food preservation and quality assurance, cold storage is a very good way. Because of its advantages and low cost, more and more people want to build the cold storage witch use aluminum tubes. Today, Linble Cold Chain will share the construction advantages of aluminum tubes cold storage.


1. High heat transfer efficiency. The aluminum material has good thermal conductivity and reasonable configuration, and the heat transfer capacity is increased by 20%. The difference between the evaporation temperature and the storage temperature of the refrigerant in the tube is small, the evaporation temperature is increased, the energy efficiency ratio of the compressor is increased, the energy consumption is reduced, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

2. Superior cost performance. The heat transfer coefficient of aluminum row is larger than that of steel tube in the evaporation temperature of - 40 ℃ ~ 0 ℃. Therefore, the evaporation area of aluminum row is smaller than that of steel tube in the same cold storage (under the same load).

3. Light weight. The weight of aluminum row per unit evaporation area is one sixth of that of steel row. Therefore, the installation is convenient and the support cost is reduced. The production of aluminum bars is completed in the workshop, and the quality performance is guaranteed. However, it is troublesome to make the steel bars on site and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The aluminum exhaust has high internal finish, easy to clean and prolong the service life of the compressor, while the steel row is easy to rust, resulting in system blockage.


4. However, the cost of aluminum tube layout is much higher than that of aluminum steel, so the cost of aluminum tube is much higher than that of aluminum steel.

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