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Important Points for Attention in Cold Room Design

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Important Points for Attention in Cold Room Design

1. Cold  room design needs to reserve space for expansion

The scale and layout of cold room should be determined reasonably. Especially when cold room is built for the first time near the wharf and water and land transportation hub, there should be room for expansion when the cold  room site is selected.

2. Select refrigeration mode of cold room

There are two cooling methods in warehouse, natural convection cooling and forced circulation. The natural convection type is mostly row tube refrigeration, which can save power consumption. The forced circulation type is mostly used for cooling by air cooler, which can achieve the effect of refrigeration and defrosting quickly.

3. Size of cold room

The size design of cold  room room should consider the management and construction, and the operation cost of cold  room. Among the influences of temperature, ambient temperature and volume of cold room on refrigeration cost, the influence of cold  room volume is decisive.


4. Cold room insulation panel

At present, the insulation of cold room mostly adopts polyurethane foam plastics on-site construction method. The initial thermal conductivity is 0.2-0.036 kcal / M.H. The thickness of polyurethane foam is generally 50-200mm. Polyurethane sandwich is required to be smooth and non porous, and then it is foamed in layers on this basis. Artificial formation of multiple sealing layers helps to prolong the life of polyurethane. Practice has proved that the success and failure of an insulation layer completely depends on whether it can effectively prevent the infiltration and passage of water vapor.

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