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The articles shown below are all about the Cold Room Door, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the Cold Room Door. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these Cold Room Door articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Cold room hinge door
    Cold room hinge door

    Cold Room Hinged Door designed and manufactured by Changxue is widely used for cold rooms or freezer rooms, clean room, green house, planting room or refrigeration truck.All cold rooms are equipped with safe escape device.   Read More>

  • What is the relationship between temperature in cold room and evaporation temperature?

    The temperature controller shows the cold room temperature, and the low pressure gauge corresponds to the evaporation temperatureFor the cold room with static evaporator, the air in the cold room is in a state of natural convection, and the evaporation temperature is required to be 10~15℃ lower than   Read More>

  • What are the factors that affect the refrigeration effect of cold room?

    Sometimes customers will say, their cold room operated for a while and the cooling effect is not good, the temperature can not come down and so on, all kinds of circumstances, affect the effect of cold room refrigeration factors have aspects. 1. From the perspective of condenser:If it is an air-cool   Read More>

  • What preparations should we make before storing vegetables and fruits into cold room?

    1. Check the refrigeration system, air conditioning system, humidification system, etc.We should find fault maintenance in time, and a few days before fruit and vegetable warehousing, open the refrigeration system to cool the cold room gradient, to meet the storage requirements of temperature.2. Dis   Read More>

  • What are the daily management requirements of cold room?

    1. The cold room is built of heat insulation material, is afraid of water, afraid of tide, afraid of heat, afraid of running cold and other characteristics, so the wall, the ground, the door, the top of the cold room shall not have ice, frost, water, have to be removed in time. 2. The exhaust pipe a   Read More>

  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(5/5)

    It should use temperature and humidity collection and monitoring management system for medical cold storage, which can accurately record and display the temperature and humidity in the cold storage, and it also need to have the automatic alarm function of mobile phones, so as to find and deal with f   Read More>

  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(3/5)

    For refrigeration equipment, we usually use fully closed piston compressor for medical cold storage, it will have high efficiency, small vibration, low noise, and it is necessary to use two sets of refrigeration equipment, one standby one use, we can exchange it easily by control box.   Read More>

  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(2/5)

    The storage capacity of medical cold storage is generally more than 20m³, and the height is generally 2.5~3m. The sandwich panel is made of high density polyurethane,which is safe, environmentally friendly and corrosion resistant, and the panels are connected by cam locks.   Read More>

  • How to choose suitable medical cold storage?(1/5)

    With the popularization of COVID-19 vaccine, people have known more about the medical cold storage. Different types of medical cold storage have different function, so how to choose the suitable medical cold storage?There will be different temperature standards according to the stored goods, which a   Read More>

  • How to make a small cold storage more stable?

      Read More>

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