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How to make a small cold storage more stable?

Views: 47     Author: Ann Zhu     Publish Time: 2021-03-15      Origin: Ann Zhu Inquire

    With the increasing use of cold storage, more and more individuals will choose to build cold storages. For individuals, the convenience of cold storage is particularly important. Because they will move the cold storage according to their needs. Also, they will install wheels under the cold storage to make it portable.

    As we all know, different panels and doors make the whole structure of cold storage. Cam-lock or rivet connect together to make them stable. For small cold storage, if we don’t move it, everything is ok. But if we need to move it either by wheels or by cranes, the structure will be somewhat loose. The life span will be shorter, also maybe will affect the cooling effect.

    Therefore, if customers require mobile cold storage, we will recommend them to install steel frames outside the cold storage. It can not only protect the corners, but also make the cold storage become a whole one during moving.


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