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What is the Combined Cold Room?

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The principle of combined cold room is to divide a set of cold room into two single rooms with different temperatures, and install two doors respectively. According to the needs of food storage, the combined cold room can design different temperatures, and can also achieve the functions of chiller and freezer at the same time. When a refrigeration unit is used for centralized cooling, two sets of evaporator in the rooms also start to cool. The temperature control system can display and control the temperature of each room independently. When the two rooms reach the set temperature, the refrigeration unit stops working.

Scheme of combined cold room:

1. Refrigeration unit. Only one refrigeration unit is selected, which can reduce operating costs and failures. The original refrigeration compressor of Bitzer or Emerson is selected to ensure the stable operation and excellent quality of the combined cold room.

2. Cold room panel. High quality PPGI cold room panels are selected, which have the characteristics of small floor area and good thermal insulation performance. The thicknesses of panels are generally 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm.

3. Evaporator. High efficiency ceiling air cooler or aluminum duct.

4. Control system. Advanced microcomputer control system is adopted. LCD display includes temperature, start time, defrosting time, fan delay time, alarm indicator and other parameters.

5. Professional customization. The overall dimension, temperature, refrigeration mode, unit size and door can be customized to meet the needs of users.

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