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How to prevent the bottom of the cold storage from getting wet?

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Today we will talk about how to prevent the bottom of the cold storage from getting wet.

Usually we will make moistureproof layer at the bottom of the cold storage, such as asphalt, linoleum, plastic film, etc.

Today We will introduce a simple method to you, especially for the vaccine cold storage.

Cold storages for vaccine are usually built on the second floor or above of the centers for disease control and prevention, if we do not pay attention to moisture-proof , when the vaccine cold storage is running, there will be some cold air seeps out the PU panel to the floor, and there will be water vapor, that's going to cause some problems, such as paint coating of floor will fall off, PU panel will corrode, and weaken the heat preservation effect.

If we lay a plastic layer on the bottom before building the vaccine cold storage, there will be a circulation space between the cold air and the floor, we can effectively prevent the bottom from getting wet.

Is this method very easy and convenient for small cold storage?

Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions about the cold storage, please discuss with us via phone or email. Next time, let's discuss the general requirements of the vaccine cold storage. See you guys next time.


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