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Linble D Series Cold Room Air Cooler Evaporator

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D series evaporator is a kind of cooling equipment suitable for various cold storages , such as quick freezing, fresh keeping and etc. There are three types available: DL, DD and DJ, which fits for the different cold temperatures. It has compact structure and make full use of warehouse area, which can make the storage food cool rapidly and improve the freshness of storage food. DL type is suitable for fresh-keeping storehouse around 0 °C, DD type suitable for chiller room around -18 °C, DJ type is suitable for freezer room around -25 °C.

The features as follows:

The evaporator are of reasonable structure, uniform frosting and high efficiency heat exchange;

The shell is made of quality steel with surface plastic-sprayedwhich is corrosion-resistant and beautiful;

The evaporator are assembled with quality fan motor with low noise, big air volume and stable operation;

The evaporator adopt U-shaped stainless copper pipe evenly put into the fins, which can shorten the defrosting time;

The shell materials can be produced according to customer's requirement;

The evaporator are tested under air pressure 2.5MPa, guaranteeing the products1 high gas tightness.

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