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Acid discharging cold storage

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Since animals lose their life and movement after being slaughtered, animal body cells lose their oxygen supply to blood. At this time, meat products will produce lactic acid, which is harmful to human body

In order to eliminate this phenomenon, the slaughtered meat products are usually put into a low-temperature environment (acid discharging cold storage), in which the lactic acid is decomposed into carbon dioxide, water, alcohol and other substances and evaporated.

Generally, the acid discharging cold storage uses the refrigeration equipment to cool down slowly (reduce the indoor temperature to 0-4 ℃ within 24 hours), and the evaporator use air cooler.

In order to ensure the effect of acid removal and the quality of meat , the relative humidity should be mainly controlled during the design. If the relative humidity is too low, the meat skin will be too dry after acid removal, which will affect meat quality.


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