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What should be paid attention to during cold room operation?

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During the operation of cold room, some problems need to be paid attention to:

1. To prevent frostbite

When entering the cold room, the operation personnel must take heat preservation measures to minimize the exposed parts of the body. The exposed parts must not be in direct contact with goods, pipes, shelves, etc. in the cold room, in order to avoid frostbite.

2. To avoid being closed in the cold room

Special security posts should be set up in front of the cold room, and special personnel should be responsible for the switch of the cold room door. Non-operation personnel are strictly prohibited to enter the cold room, especially for large cold room projects.

3. To prevent hypoxia asphyxia

As most of the goods in the cold room are fresh, there is still a certain amount of respiration, coupled with the respiration of microbes in the cold room, so that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the cold room greatly increases, sometimes the refrigerant will leak into the cold room, which will make the oxygen in the cold room insufficient. If the operator works in the warehouse for a long time, it is easy to happen asphyxiation accident. Therefore, before entering the cold room, it is necessary to ventilate the cold room, especially the closed cold room for a long time, replenish the oxygen in the cold room, and avoid casualties.

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