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Linble Food Cold Room and Building Structure

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Cold room is widely used in the storage of seafood, aquatic products, meat and other food. Store items with different temperature requirements in refrigerated warehouses with different temperatures for short-term or long-term storage. The temperature of refrigerated food should be relatively stable in the refrigerated warehouse, and the excessive fluctuation of temperature will cause food spoilage. Low temperature cold storage is below - 20 ℃, which is used to store cold drinks containing dairy products. The temperature of cold room should be set at - 20 ° C ~ - 28 ℃. Generally speaking, the cold storage is to store the food with this kind of demand at the required temperature. Because, when the temperature drops below - 15 ℃, the freezing rate of food is high, enzymes and microorganisms basically stop their activities and growth, and the oxidation effect will be very slow. Therefore, the food can be stored for a long time, and has a good quality of cold room.

The cold room is composed of polyurethane sandwich panel, cold room door, refrigeration unit(compressor unit), air cooler(evaporator) and temperature controller(electric control box). The thickness of the panel can be selected from different specifications of 50 mm ~ 200 mm, and the special size can be customized. Cold room door can choose hinge door, sliding door or customized. Compressor unit and air cooler can be customized according to customer requirements.


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