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What is a cold storage?

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As usual, there are three types of cold storages: cooler room(walk-in cooler), freezer room(walk-in freezer), and quick freezer, and cold storages for different usages can be designed and customized, such as for medicines, blood, vaccines, and so on. Also, we can provide mobile cold storages.

A cold storage is mainly composed of PU panels, cold storage door, condensing unit, and air cooler.

There are two types of PU panel, one is plug-in type, and another is cam-lock type. The core material of PU panel is polyurethane with excellent insulation effect. For surface material of PU panel, we also provide different choices, such as PPGI/color steel, stainless steel and embossed aluminum.

For the different requirement of doors, we can provide hinged door, sliding door, free door, industrial sliding door for your option. Just in case of trapped in the cold storage, each door has safety lock inside.

We have different condensing units for your choices: all-in-one refrigeration equipment, air-cooled condensing unit, water-cooled condensing unit, box unit, and parallel unit. For evaporator, we will advice you according to the choice of condensing unit.

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