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Introduction of Cold Storage for Grape

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1. Temperature management:

The temperature should be kept in the range of - 1 ~ - 0.5 ℃ and the temperature fluctuation should be less than 0.5 ℃. If the temperature fluctuates too much, it is easy to cause dew in the bag and cause fruit decay and pesticide damage. The relative humidity should be kept between 90% and 95%, and the temperature and humidity should be evenly distributed as much as possible.

2. Precooling:

When grapes arrive at the warehouse, they should be precooled for 40 hours, which should be strictly observed. If the time is too long, the grapes will lose water, because the temperature in the cold storage is wetter than the outside of the trousers.

3. Packing and refrigeration:

Don't put the grape box directly on the ground. The ground temperature of the cold storage room is lower. Put the isolation board under the box to let the grape box and inside have a buffer process.

4. Ventilation:

Although the respiration metabolism of Red Globe grape is weak at low temperature, ventilation is still very necessary during storage. Ventilation is beneficial to the storage of Red Globe grape.


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