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How to choose cold room condensing unit ?

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How to choose cold storage condensing unit 

  Condensing unit is base for any refrigeration system.

  Components of condensing unit are:(1)Compresor (2)Condense(3)Solenoid valve (4)Oil filter (5)High and low pressure meter (6) Refrigerant oil (7)Oil separator (8)Gas separator

  If you need condensing unit, following information should be noted:

 1.Cold room effective volume:It is calculated according to the volume that the storage products must occupy in the cold storage, plus the aisle between the lines, the space between the goods and the wall, the space between the goods and the roof, etc. Determine the cold storage capacity, then determine the length and height of the cold storage

 2.Evaporation temperature: Each kind of goods requires appropriate storage temperature, which is the cold storage temperature. In order to make the evaporator absorb heat from the cold storage and have certain heat absorption capacity, the evaporation temperature should be lower than the storage temperature by 3 to 5 degrees.

 3.Condensing temperature:At a certain ambient temperature, the condensation temperature is 10-12 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. 

 4.Cooling capacity:

(1)For high temperature cold storage: Cold room volume*90*1.16+Positive deviation(100-400W)

(2)For medium temperature cold storage: Cold room volume*95*1.16+Positive deviation(200-600W)

(3)For low temperature cold storage: Cold room volume*110*1.2+Positive deviation(300-800W)


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