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Medical Cold Room

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Medical cold room project

Drugs, vaccines and reagents are all stored in the medical cold room. Medical cold rooms have a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical manufacturing company, pharmaceutical sales company, hospital, clinic, community health station, epidemic prevention station and so on. Medical cold room in every place can not go out of condition, which is related to the safety of the lives of every citizen.


Different temperature for different usage:


0℃~8℃ Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical
2℃~8℃ Pharmaceutical and biological production
1℃~5℃ Blood
-30℃~-20℃ Blood plasma, bio-material, vaccine and reagent
-80℃~-30℃ Blood placenta, semen, stem cell, plasma, bone marrow and biological sample


Medical cold room features:

1.The control system adopts full-automatic micro-computer electrical control technology, intelligent computer temperature control, high-precision temperature sensor, full-automatic constant temperature system, automatic switching on machine, without manual operation, digital temperature display, to ensure the storage safety of goods.

2.The cold room is equipped with standby refrigeration units. When the common refrigeration units stop working in case of failure, the standby refrigeration unit will work. It will not affect the storage of drugs, vaccines and related products in cold room.

3.Medical cold rooms use fireproof polyurethane panels with flame-retardant grade B2.

The following points should be followed in the use of medical cold room:

1.Medicals are stored in the cold room, according to the requirements of temperature and humidity.

2.Medicals in cold room should be managed with color labels .

3.There should be corresponding spacing or isolation measures between drugs and warehouse floor, wall, roof and evaporator.

4.Handling and stacking should strictly abide by the packing schematic marks. Control stacking height and periodic stacking.

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