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Flower cold room

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     In order to meet the periodic and seasonal supply demand of the market, flowers and other plants can be put into a cold storage with appropriate temperature to delay growth, so that they can bloom in time; or flowers that have already blossomed can be moved to cold storage, so as to extend the flowering period and maintain the natural consumption in the lowest temperatue.

     In addition to temperature control, fresh-keeping period will be longer if relative humidity and gas composition can be better controlled and valued. Generally speaking, the temperature environment can be divided into 5 degrees for ordinary flowers and 10-12 degrees for tropical flowers, which are slightly different according to the maturity of flowers.

    The evaporator should use double-side blow evaporator, because the flowers are delicate and not resistant to storage, this type evaporator has the advantages of small temperature fluctuation and stable air supply, which can effectively protect the flowers  from the direct cold air.


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