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Combination cold room

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    Combination cold room refers to a set of cold room use one common wall, divided into two separated rooms with different temperature, and two sets of storage doors are installed . According to the needs of food storage, different temperatures are designed to achieve the functions of fresh-keeping and freezer at the same time. Combination cold room are great for businesses that have limited space or minimal storage needs.


It is mainly used for food, medicine, medical equipment, chemical raw materials, etc. The temperature is generally 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ and - 5 ℃ ~ - 18 ℃. If some different goods are placed in a cold storage, they will increase the speed of each other's decay, affect the preservation, and cross smell.

   Design principles:

1. 2 sets cooling system or 1 set cooling system

2. 75mm/100mm/120mm/150mm thick pu insulation panel

3. Adopt advanced microcomputer control system, LCD display temperature, start-up time, defrosting time, fan delay time, alarm indication and various technical parameters


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