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Grape cold room

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Grape cold room

    Cold room for grapes with GREE compressor and evaporator . 

    Cold room size:11750mm*5500mm*3200mm


    GREE condensing unit:GNJ-QF12CG/C

    GREE evaporator:GLF-D453E46F/A

    Integrated intelligent condenser unit features:

    1.Without additional solenoid valves and temperature controllers, the system is perfectly matched through rigorous experiments

     2.Installation method is the same as household air conditioning, no need to weld throttle valve and liquid supply solenoid valve, only need to supply power to condensing unit.

    3.Condensing unit has its own refrigerant, no need to fill refrigerant on site and no debugging, one-button start-up and directly cooling.

    4.Condensing unit shutdown is adoptting pumping cycle to reduce refrigerant migration during shutdown and avoid compressor with liquid when start up.

    Jiangsu Linble Cold Chain Technology CO., Ltd. is an international cold chain interation supplier of peoduction, sales and research. We not only have own factory producing cold room since 1995, but also continuously integrate the upstream and downstreem supporting suppliers of cold chain, and have polyurethane insulation panel, cold room door, condensing unit, evaporator and other cold chain products.






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