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Air-conditioned Cold Storage Room

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Air-conditioned cold room:

Air-conditioned cold room is now the main method of fresh-keeping fruits and vegetables. It is to increase gas composition adjustment on the basis of cold room. Then, it can inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables by controlling the conditions of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentration and ethylene concentration, and delay the metabolism of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it can better maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and extend the storage period and preservation period of fruits and vegetables. Generally, air-conditioned cold room can extend the ordinary cold room time by 0.5 to 1 times than ordinary cold storage. The fruits and vegetables stored in the air-conditioned cold room are "wake up" after they are out of the cold room, which can extend the freshness period of the fruits and vegetables by 21 to 28 days, this is 3 to 4 times that of the ordinary cold room.

Air conditioning cold room preservation system:

The air conditioning system is the core of the air conditioning cold room. It consists of a nitrogen generator, an air compressor, a carbon dioxide remover, and an ethylene remover.

Integrated gas preservation equipment:

The equipment integrates the functions of nitrogen production, oxygenation, carbon dioxide removal, ethylene removal, temperature and humidity detection and control. It can automatically control the parameters within the required range according to the air conditioning indicators of different varieties of fruit and vegetable products. The equipment has stable performance and fully automatic operation, which can make the fresh-keeping time of fruit and vegetable products reach about 40 days, and meet the requirements of special workers for long-term fresh-keeping and storage of fruit and vegetable products.


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