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Linble Solar Cold Room

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The solar cold room based on fixed refrigerated container in solar cold room includes: battery, compressor, power generation board, evaporation copper tube, condensing copper tube and control system, which belongs to advanced manufacturing field. The solar refrigeration system can precisely control the temperature precision required by the refrigerator, so that the temperature value of the refrigeration condition can be kept constant. The traditional human diesel engine set can also meet the temperature requirements, which consumes a lot of chemical fuel in the process of use. Solar energy refrigeration system can save more than 100% electricity and zero pollution. Solar refrigeration system manufacturing constant cold source is an important auxiliary cold source for electric vehicles and cold chain transportation, which plays a key role in the future production of cold chain transportation industry. At the same time, because the solar panel is isolated from the direct sunlight of the container, the surface temperature can be reduced from 55 ℃ to 42 ℃ in summer, and the power of the solar refrigeration system can be reduced by about 5%. When the container unit needs to be started, the power storage system directly starts the refrigeration unit of DC motor. It can effectively reduce the condensing pressure and reduce the power consumption of the unit.

The solar cold room produced by Linble cold chain uses solar energy to convert light energy into electric energy, and finally drives the refrigeration unit to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. It is mainly used in small refrigerators and refrigerated vehicles. The small photovoltaic cold room can use solar energy to provide power during the peak period of daytime power consumption and reduce the operating cost of the cold storage. The equipment is composed of photovoltaic power generation panel, battery pack, condenser with external thread, DC frequency conversion compressor and coil evaporator. The operation of the equipment is not affected by the weather, so it is the best choice for cold room in areas lacking of power supply. Refrigerated and unattended room air conditioning. Solar cold storage can provide a steady stream of power to the cold storage unit and battery pack on sunny days.


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