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Emerson Refrigeration Compressor Unit for Cold Room

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Emerson compressor unit features:

1. Ultra high energy efficiency: the energy efficiency ratio is 12% higher than the most advanced piston compressor on the market at present;

Outstanding reliability: few moving parts, patented flexible design of axial and radial grain wheel provides unprecedented resistance to liquid hammer and impurities;

2. Built in motor section device: it can effectively protect the motor from high temperature and high current;

3. Low noise / low exhaust pulse: the noise value is 5 dB lower than that of piston compressor;

4. Simplify the system design: the unique unloading start design makes it unnecessary to start the capacitor / relay when the single-phase compressor starts;

5. There is no need for oil heater and gas-liquid separator in most applications;

6. Nearly 100% volumetric efficiency brings extraordinary heating capacity.

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