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Three Common Faults in Cold Room Operation

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In the use of cold room, we need to pay attention to the operation specification and regular maintenance. When there are some small problems in the cold room, we should quickly find out the fault, analyze the causes, and make countermeasures. In this way, it can not only prevent more serious failure of cold room equipment, but also prolong the service life of cold room.

Fault 1: there is air in the refrigeration system

Air in the refrigeration system may reduce the refrigeration efficiency. This will lead to the increase of suction and discharge pressure, and the temperature from the compressor outlet to the condenser inlet will also be significantly increased. If this happens, it is recommended that the air be discharged from the high-pressure stop valve several times in a row after shutting down the machine for a few minutes. It can also be filled with some refrigerant according to the actual situation.


Fault 2: high oil consumption of compressor

Generally speaking, if there is too much refrigerant in the cold room, the standard position should be 1 / 2 or 2 / 3 of the compressor oil mirror. The oil return pipe is half blocked, and the oil return system does not meet the requirements; the oil separation device is damaged, and part of the unit has oil leakage loss; the refrigerant is impure or qualitative change, and the exhaust temperature is not enough. All of the above will result in high oil consumption of the compressor. Therefore, dredge the oil return pipe, replace the oil separation device, replace the impure or qualitative change refrigerant, and maintain the appropriate exhaust temperature.


Fault 3: low heat exchange efficiency of cold room

The low heat exchange efficiency of cold room is probably due to the thick frosting on the evaporator surface or excessive dust accumulation. In order to prevent the surface of the evaporator from being too thick, we must periodically defrost the surface of the evaporator during the cold room, and regularly clean up the surface of the evaporator.

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