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Second-hand cold storage

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Second-hand cold storage


1. Generally, the second-hand cold storage often rented are container cold storage, mobile cold storage and refrigerated cars. Temporarily rented second-hand cold storage with low costs in short term, which are suitable for food transportation, vegetable transportation and raw material transportation.

2.For example, logistics enterprises, because of the different types of goods they transport, need different cold storage, such as explosion-proof cold storage, vaccine cold storage, chiller cold storage, etc. If the temperature requirement is high, the freezer must be used. If a logistics enterprise purchases a large number of cold storages, it will generate huge purchase costs and maintenance costs, and needs a large place for placing cold storages.


1. Because the second-hand cold storage generally use the old refrigeration equipment, once the equipment fails, it will cause incalculable losses.

2. The leasing of second-hand cold storage is generally operated by small companies. Most companies do not have professional after-sales service personnel. When there is a problem in the cold storage, it is unable to solve the problem professionally and efficiently, resulting in damage to the goods inside the cold storage

In short, we need to plan whether we need second-hand cold storage according to our own needs. Second hand cold storage leasing must also check the company's qualifications.

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