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Display cold room with glass door

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Display cold room with glass doors

       Display cold room has the function of display and storage. It is a kind of multi-purpose cold room with small area. Display cold room is equipped with sales shelves in the front and replenishment shelves in the back. Also there is a rational channel between the sales shelf and the replenishment shelf. The replenishment door is set on the side of cold room, connectting with rational channel. Employees will not affect customers' purchases when arranging goods. At the same time, because the replenishment goods are placed at the same temperature in advance, the consistency of commodity temperature can be ensured.


1.Dispaly cold room has some glass doors, and it sntegrates display, refrigeration and freezing.

2.It covers a small area and suitable for convenience stores and fresh supermarkets.

3.There is a sling door or hinge door in the room side , not affected by air conditioning and other equipment in the shop, so the cooling performance is stable and more energy-saving.

4.It can replenish goods in dispaly cold room in time to improve work efficiency.

5. It is made of polyurethane panels . It is easy to disassemble and assemble.

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